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Little Fixes

Our cities and towns are each a collaborative project between all their residents. The voices of the everyday people that wait to cross the street, honk their horns, drink coffee on benches, and carry in their groceries are critical in every community's mission to build a successful city.

This project's goal is to help those voices be heard.

Find your city

Don't see your city? We're starting with a limited set of cities and will gradually add more. If you want to see your city here, let me know at [email protected].

I walked with a mother who was pushing a stroller in the ditch. She told me that she needed to go to the store, didn't have a car that day, and didn't feel safe walking along the street, so she was taking the ditch, knee-high weeds and all. I observed the well-worn path she was treading and realized this was a struggle being shared with others.

I met an elderly woman going down the street using a walker, climbing over mounds of snow left by the snowplow. She told me she had no choice but to get to the pharmacy that day. She pointed out that the street was cleared of snow but the sidewalk wasn't, so she was walking where she had to.


[These] are the kind of thing people accept, the gradually diminishing expectations of a long decline.

— Charles M. Marohn, in Strong Towns